How to Install and Setup 123 HP Officejet 5741 Printer
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How to Install and Setup 123 HP Officejet 5741 Printer

For setting up of 123 HP officejet 5741 printer follow the below given steps-

Step 1: unboxing

To start your 123 HP Officejet Printer by using unboxing your printer from the HP Printer box. After removing the printer from the box then remove the packing sheet from the Printer.

  • First of all remove the packing one by one from the Printer.
  • Then open the access door of the 123 HP officejet 5741and remove the packing from that area.
  • After it open the delivery tray from the Printer and remove the printer.
  • At last open the paper tray and then remove the packing from the paper tray area.

Step 2: installing ink cartridges

For installing the ink cartridge to your printer all you required to do is remove the ink cartridge from the package. Keep the cartridge by the sides and confirm that you do not touch the metal strips.

  • For it first of all keep the 123 HP Ink Cartridge by the sides and remove the plastic tape from it.
  • Then put it on the ink carriage.
  • After it push the cartridge to the carriage until it snaps the end.
  • At last wait until the carriage aligns to the center.

Step 3: Connecting to power source Printer requires the main element to get started that is the power source. All you got to do is look out for the power cable in the 123 HP officejet 5741 Printer box, if you do not get then contact the service provider,

  • If you get the power cable for your 123 HP officejet 5741 Officejet Printer,
  • Connect the power cable to the rear of the printer.
  • Also, Connect the other end of the printer to the Power source, confirm that you do not plug to an high voltage.
  • After connecting the power cable Turn ON your Printer.
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On which platform supported the 123 HP officejet 5741 printer

How to install the 123 HP officejet 5741 printer to Mac

To connect your MAC device to your Printer and get started with your printing. First of all you require to do is install the Air Print app from the store. After installing the Air Print from the store share the document to the app which you want to print and choose the Print dialog box.

On the print dialog box choose your HP Officejet Printer and choose the preferences for your document. After choosing the preferences choose the number of copies that you want to print then select the print option. Your document gets printed.

How to install the 123 HP officejet 5741 printer to smartphone

To connect your smartphone to your Printer from anytime and anywhere. Now it is really simple to print your documents by using your smart phone all you require to do is install the google cloud print app.

After installing your app to your smart phone share the document to your 5741 Printer App and choose the print dialog box, from your printer dialog box choose the suitable options and choose the print option. Before selecting the print option choose the number of copies that you wanted to print and click the black or color option and then print the document.

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How to install the 123 HP officejet 5741 printer to windows

For connecting your Printer to your Windows computer, you will require an HP officejet Printer Software to be installed to your personal device. Get the 123 HP officejet 5741 Printer Driver Setup CD in the HP printer Box.

Now insert the HP Printer Driver Setup CD in your computer CD Drive and try installing. If you get any pop-up message stating that the Printer Setup has been outdated then you can download the HP Printer Setup from 5741.

Now run the download the Setup file and install the Driver to your computer. In any case if there is any Printer issue uninstall the Printer Driver and try reinstalling the Printer Driver. Now try by using the Printer with your Windows operating system.

How to setup the 123 HP officejet 5741 printer to wireless:

Wi-Fi Setup – The most inclination and the helpful quality that every Printer user requires is the Wireless Connection. In the evaluative world people find way to make their jobs more handy and hence they expect such kind of technologies in their day to day life and HP has understood the require for its customers.

  • For it first of all connect your 123 HP Officejet 5741 Printer to your Wireless Network,
  • You require to have SSID and Password.
  • Now you can connect your 5741 printer to your wireless network.
  • Then connect your personal device to a wireless router.
  • Confirm that your device is not connected via the USB connection.
  • Then connect the Printer to the same Wireless router.
  • After connecting your printer to the wireless router now you can print your documents.
  • For more information about the wireless Setup visit 5741.
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